Rite Aid Basics

Rite Aid currently has two programs: the Single Check Rebates (SCR), and the UP Rewards.

Single Check Rebates, or SCR
Rebates with a set amount that you get back. It can either be the full amount of the item, or partial amount. Also, it can be like CVS where you have to purchase a certain dollar amount of items and then you get some of that back. The items do not need to be purchased in the same transaction to get the rebates.

To get the rebates, you enter your receipt information online at Rite Aid. At the end of every month, you log onto your account and request your rebate check. It takes around two to three weeks for you to receive it. Once it comes, you can either deposit it in the bank as a normal check, or you can use it at Rite Aid to pay for a transaction. I'm not sure whether you can use it over several transactions, it's probably up to the cashier. I usually cash mine and put it into my rebate money pile.

 Wellness Plus Card:
You can sign up for a Wellness Plus card at Rite Aid, and then you have the cashier scan it when you check out. For every dollar spent you get a point. You also earn points by filling prescriptions. If you link your card to an email, they will send you a $5 off $25 purchase coupon, and send you different coupons monthly. There are set point thresholds, where once you accumulate so many points, you get rewarded. I just reached the next level and received two 10% off total purchase coupons.

UP Rewards (Wellness Plus Card Required):
Up Rewards are very similar to CVS Extra Care Bucks. They are money off coupons which print on the bottom of your receipt after purchasing the required item. These coupons can in turn be used to buy anything in the store.

Video Values:
On Rite Aid's website, there is a section for video values. You sign up and watch videos and earn credits based on the length of each commercial. Once you watch the commercial, you get a Rite Aid coupon for that product which can then be combined with a manufacture's coupon. Once you have earned 20 credits, you receive a $5 off a $25 purchase. These coupons are essential in my transactions in that it's an automatic $5 off. The $5 off coupons are taken off before other coupons, so your total will be significantly lower than $25. I try to plan my transactions so that I can use the coupons. Once you earn the coupon, you can choose which coupons you want to print. Only one print is allowed. It does pop up saying how many prints do you want, but Rite Aid has started linking these coupons to the Wellness Plus card you scan, so you can only use it once. 

Money Makers:
UP Rewards and Single Check Rebates can be combined for additional savings. To make even more money, use coupons on free items, even if you don't need the items, and you end up with a profit. I donate my extra to the Norcross Cooperative Ministry. Another money saving essential is the money off coupons. Also, you can combine a video values coupon, an in-ad coupon, and a manufacture's coupon all on the same item.